Time for Change

Posted by in Artwork in Progress, Sharing Cultural Information

I have decided to use Instagram‘s platform as a sketchbook. This idea is, I am, sure not new to people it is, however, new to me and the way I work. This sketchbook, as I choose to name it; will represent work in progress to coordinate with my website. It will reveal long breaks when I do not post; it will show no break. I will reveal other interests that intertwine with my art. You will figure out when I take a break from the action of creating or when I get distracted. However, it will not reveal the ‘how’. That is for my sketchbook and, to be honest, protect intellectual property.

Although, it is an opportunity for people to visit both platforms to be inspired and to figure out for yourself how the work was achieved. I hope it will inform philosophically to support your reflective thinking. I hope to educate freely through the language of fine art. Both platforms will relate to one another. There is a narrative but I am not sure where it is going to lead to or if it will lead to anything at all. This is for you the viewer to decide for yourself.

My website is about my work endeavours along with finished and unfinished work. The Instagram‘s platform is purely about revealing a process of an action taken that is the language of fine art. This is different for all of us and I hope to invite time in each of these spaces to educate, question, explore, reflect and wonder freely.