Solo Exhibitions

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Still shot from In Reflection of Yourself

 “In Reflection Of…”

Location of Exhibition: Barclays Bank; Queensmere Shopping Centre
Exhibition Duration: Two days in 2009

In Reflection Of
silent sequence
show reel 16:9
Time: 3:35:07
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2009




“In Witness of Yourself”

Location of Exhibition: Queensmere Shopping Centre
Exhibition Duration: One week in 2006

In Witness of Yourself
show reel 16:9
Time: 6:19:04
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2006



Is Abstract Art Dead?
Gallery 435
28 September to 14 October 2007
Time: 1:31
Music: ‘Play’: Kate Nash
From Her Album: ‘Made of Bricks’ copyright 2007
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2007