Valerie Oliver

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Since the end of March 2020 when the impact of Covid-19 Pandemic changed the way we were working with young people, I have used the given space created by the pandemic and acknowledged the ability to be aware. I have observed myself transcend deeper into a learning journey that covers all aspects of my chosen career path. With this awareness, it has enabled me to better my professional knowledge in order to take action and find solutions to keep learning alive, fun and achievable even through dark times. In this…read more

Time for Change

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I have decided to use Instagram‘s platform as a sketchbook. This idea is, I am, sure not new to people it is, however, new to me and the way I work. This sketchbook, as I choose to name it; will represent work in progress to coordinate with my website. It will reveal long breaks when I do not post; it will show no break. I will reveal other interests that intertwine with my art. You will figure out when I take a break from the action of creating or when…read more

Drawing Utopias

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I am excited to announce that I am exhibiting in a group show: Drawing Utopias from the 1st to the 11th of November 2016. All are welcome to the private view on November 1st at 6pm.  The credit for the invitation belongs to Iklectik Art Lab. I have discovered along the way, that I identify with post-structuralist’s and existentialist’s ideals and philosophy. The area of displacement within society is of interest and is portrayed within my work. This particular artwork explores my processes, visually capturing the process of working through…read more