Process of Work


The process of making work is important and often taken for granted kept hidden or seldom shown publicly.  Some examples of my process are illustrated here.  This work is my history, my present and is my experiences within a given moment. The work is expressed visually with written word and drawing (image on left-top), which continue to inform the work I do today.


All artwork presented on this website (unless otherwise indicated) is the copyright of the artist, Valerie Oliver.  All rights reserved, and must not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the artist. Please contact Valerie Oliver with any inquires.





These images are still shots from a video of a melting block of wax. I enjoy experimenting and playing with objects at the same time capturing movement and creating a narrative using a video camera. This leads to exploring situations that will place them in space that implies displacement.

I am questioning sound and movement but intentionally obscuring the image to provide space for questioning. 

This moving image is part of a bigger project. I was arrested to be filmed handcuffed inside a prison. I am experimenting with the footage of the film.

Again, I am exploring different objects that represent displacement involving private thoughts in public places.

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