Drawing Utopias

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I am excited to announce that I am exhibiting in a group show: Drawing Utopias from the 1st to the 11th of November 2016. All are welcome to the private view on November 1st at 6pm.  The credit for the invitation belongs to Iklectik Art Lab.

I have discovered along the way, that I identify with post-structuralist’s and existentialist’s ideals and philosophy. The area of displacement within society is of interest and is portrayed within my work. This particular artwork explores my processes, visually capturing the process of working through on a practical level with an idea, thought and the experience of both. It explores two separate ideas to create ‘other space’ of thought, which at the same time represents displacement, my private thoughts in public place.


I am questioning what does space of thought look like by taking two separate images that were derived from past ideas from different times, spaces and experiences. I connect my work with Utopia as I explore ideas to create ‘other space’ free from power of control within the limitations that are part of our culture and society, according to Foucault’s (1984) heterotopias.