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This story begins six years ago, when through the Tate Modern’s project: BP Art Exchange, I met Lourdes from CEPA Arcus y Firgas, a school located in the Canary Islands.This year at the beginning of October, we finally had a chance to meet in person! It would have not been made possible if it were not for the Erasmus+ KA 104 funding, where possibilities do exist in our uncertain world. Before Lourdes’ arrival, I was envisioning that her visit would change the way I look at myself and the work being achieved within the different institutions where I am contracted. For example: The Ark, Catch 22 and Safe!.

Education is extremely important; through sharing ideas, learning various pedagogical methodologies and bringing people together whom embrace diversity; we are fortunate to find the hidden treasure of acceptance by embracing freedom and individuality that enables a space for enjoyment towards learning.

Lourdes and I both work in institutions that are not mainstream and I learned we share the same thoughts of how everyone deserves a good education no matter what circumstance they find themselves. It was also encouraging to learn how others from different European countries value English education. My time spent with Lourdes supported change in both my personal as well as professional life.

Lourdes brought thoughtful cultural meaning to the people and students she met during her visit. Our two weeks together were packed full with visiting different cultural and educational institutions. In particular, where it all began, we visited The Tate Modern in London. Both Lourdes and myself were honoured to have been given such a special warm welcome by Annie Bicknell, Convenor Schools and Teachers and author of the book; BP Art Exchange: Sowing Seeds, Generating Art, Ideas And A Connected Global Community.

The time spent together flew by, however, we achieved what we set out to do, which was to share how our working together transforms ideas and formulates new opportunities to build a stronger working bond for future collaborations involving other institutions.