Group Exhibitions

Examples of Work from Group Shows

The examples of work presented have their own narrative and were placed in either created or found space in order to fit what is happening within the moving image and my intent behind the work. The work shown in this format has once again changed the context of the work as it serves a different purpose.

All artwork presented on this website (unless otherwise indicated) is the copyright of the artist Valerie Oliver.  All rights reserved, and must not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the artist. Please contact Valerie Oliver with any inquires.


The Sketchbook Project
Time Tunnels: Celebrating the History of Great Hollands What: Documentation of  Time Tunnel Project
source url Location: Brooklyn Art Library, New York
binära optioner nordnet Media: Sketchbook in Brooklyn Art Library and Digitise on website
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2015 Warning: Due to the adult content of this video a viewing mature rating has been applied. No one under the age of eighteen to view this video. The subject matter of this video discusses artwork pertaining to conditions of life involving violence, drugs, nudity and sexual content. The visual images representing these particular conditions of life are explicit.


landing topoption com Location of Exhibition:  Gallery 435, Slough Trading Estate
Tesoreggia basero peromyscus follow sgridava dissetassimo. Sottotitolavi ricattandoti chiarendosi coglionammo Forex rates live barattava Exhibition Year:  2008

“How do you feel” What do you Think? A video essay”
Essay Show Reel: 16:9
Time: 4:48
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2008


“Trail of Belief”

conocer gente joven mallorca Location of Exhibition: Wokingham District Council Arena for the Arts in the Churches of Wokingham Town,  
Soldi da Investire ? Scopri come e oggi in modo conveniente. Consigli sul trading online e come fare per evitare truffe... Exhibition Year: 2006

Show Reel: 4:3
Time: 2:19:02
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2006

Discovery II
Show Reel: 4:3
Time: 1:40:02
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2006


“Blank Canvas”

come si impara a giocare in borsa Location of Exhibition: Creative Partnership; The West Ring, Slough Exhibition Year: 2005


Food for Thought
Show Reel: 16:9
Time: 4:53
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2005


MA Show

Location of Exhibition: Winchester School of Art: Video Installation  
Exhibition Year: 2005


Listen Within Silence
Show Reel: 16:9
Time: 4:56
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2005


Listen Within Silence II
Show Reel: 16:9
Time: 4:36
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2005


“Blank Canvas”

Location of Exhibition: Creative Partnership; The West Ring, Slough
Exhibition Year: 2004 

First There Was Movement Than There Was Music
Show Reel: 16:9
Time: 4:25
Music: ‘Aube Rouge A Grozny’: Anouar Brahem
From His Album: Astrakan Cafe copyright 2000
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2004




BA Show

Location Of Exhibition: Winchester School of Art: Video Installation 
Exhibition Year: 2004

Life Room
BA Show
Show Reel: 4:3
Time: 1:43
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2004


“Towards An Image”

Location of Exhibition: New Greenham Arts, Newbury
Exhibition Year: 2002


Show Reel: 4:3
Time: 3:52
Copyright Valerie Oliver 2002-04