Valerie Oliver

Running Horse Roundabout Project

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There is always a beginning and this particular beginning transcended from a previous project, which I was lead artist and project manager. The concept for this project centred on how to change the use of uncanny space that was unloved. The question was then followed by another; how can people change space? The project’s aim was to take notice to an underused and unloved urban public area and focus on encouraging individuals to stay and visit the location for a longer period of time. This provided an opportunity for people…read more


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This story begins six years ago, when through the Tate Modern’s project: BP Art Exchange, I met Lourdes from CEPA Arcus y Firgas, a school located in the Canary Islands.This year at the beginning of October, we finally had a chance to meet in person! It would have not been made possible if it were not for the Erasmus+ KA 104 funding, where possibilities do exist in our uncertain world. Before Lourdes’ arrival, I was envisioning that her visit would change the way I look at myself and the work…read more